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Medical Clinic & Urgent Care

Image by Chang Duong

We are committed to provide you with the most comprehensive medical care at our medical clinic and urgent care. We provide primary care including annual physicals and management of chronic illness such as diabetics and hypertension, substance abuse treatment, complete lab services and more.


We offer care to you despite your ability to pay. We accept medicare, Medicaid, private insurance and most Medicaid insurance plans. We also offer sliding scale and payment plans in addition to assisting families pay their medical expenses through iAMERICA Donations & GIVING PROGRAM.  


Opioid & Alcohol

Long term opioid and alcohol use can cause serious brain damage. This can cause even trigger hypoxia, coma, even dementia in addition cognitive deficiencies like short term memory loss naming the few.  We are with out in your fight to get the control back. 

Primary Care

We provide primary care services such as annual exams, sports physicals, flu shots, MDOT exams and more. We also coordinate between your specialists and other medical provider such as pain management to prevent any gaps in care.

Chronic Illness

Timely treatment for chronic conditions such as asthma and bronchitis is essential to save your love once life. Such as this may include but not limited to Short-acting bronchodilators, like albuterol to open the airway to provide relief. Doctor may also use Inhaled corticosteroids, a long-acting bronchodilators with inhaled corticosteroids to offer relief.

Urgent Care

Urgent care is a convent choice when illness strikes outside your doctor’s regular office hours. Urgent care also offers an alternative to waiting for hours in a hospital Emergency Room.

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