We provide evidence based Mental health and psychiatric services. We acknowledge that there is a very thin line between physiological and behavioral health problems therefore it is absolutely necessary to have extensive education, training and experience to identified the risk factors in order to treat the symptoms. We can help women and men meet the daily challenges and cope with problems by combining psychotherapy and psychotropic approaches.

We often find ourselves juggling with multiple roles such as homemaker, student, parent, spouse, caretaker and student. Sometime these roles become difficult to manage without support. Our psychiatric program is design to help address these issues with compassion and understanding while providing you coordination of care along with our team which include  psychologists, social workers, counselors, case managers, peer support specialists, employment and educational specialists to assist our patients.

Here are some of the issues we can help you with

⦁ Auto Accidents
⦁ Traumatic Brain Injury (open or closed head)
⦁ Autistic / Asperger
⦁ Cognitive or Developmental Delays
⦁ Bipolar
⦁ Schizophrenia
⦁ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
⦁ Depression or post-partum depression
⦁ Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
⦁ Mood swings related to menopause or other hormonal changes
⦁  Attention deficit disorder (ADHD / ADD)
⦁ Anxiety / Panic disorder
⦁ Marital or family conflict or tension
⦁ Difficulty dealing with the problems a child or loved one may be having
⦁ Alcohol and drug use
⦁  Career stress
⦁  Difficulty balancing work and family responsibilities
⦁ Managing a personal chronic illness or that of a loved one

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